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Date Event Location
 —  — National Shrimp Festival Gulf Shores Gulf Shores
Vinyl Music Hall with Chris Thomas King Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL
 —  — Betsy Badwater & Jordan Kimsey Chizuko, Pensacola, FL Chizuko, Pensacola, FL
 —  — D&R Lounge: Make-A-Wish Bike Run Pensacola, FLorida Pensacola, FLorida
Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FLorida Pensacola, FLorida
 —  — The Music Shed Recording Studio New Orleans, LA New Orleans, LA
Tippy's Tavern Pensacola Florida Pensacola Florida
Handlebar Handlebar, Pensacola Fl Handlebar, Pensacola Fl
 —  — National Shrimp Festival Gulf Shores, AL Gulf Shores, AL
 —  — Album Recording Music Shed Studios, New Orleans, LA Music Shed Studios, New Orleans, LA
Uncle Henry Radio Show Mobile, AL Mobile, AL
Tippy's Tavern Pensacola Pensacola
The Listening Room Mobile, AL Mobile, AL
HANDLEBAR Pensacola Fl Pensacola Fl
Handlebar Handlebar, Pensacola, FLorida Handlebar, Pensacola, FLorida
 —  — Banks Street Bar Banks Street Bar, New Orleans, LA Banks Street Bar, New Orleans, LA
 —  — Miracle 4 Mason, @ The Cove Milton, FL Milton, FL
Tippy's Tavern Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Florida
 —  — Munson Heritage Festival Bear Lake, Munson, Florida Bear Lake, Munson, Florida
 —  — Greater Good Music, Children & Arts Festival Pensacola, FLorida Pensacola, FLorida


NEW RECORD RELEASE!! JUNE 2 @ Chizuko in Pensacola 

IN SPADES is here!!! My new record took about 3 years to complete, and a ton of love went into it's creation! Huge appreciation to @csbroxy @csbroxymusic @below_productions @josea1156 @ctkmusic And all the outstanding musicians that helped make it what it is! Join us at @chizukopensacola Saturday June 2nd at 9pm to get your CD copy with price of admission! Can be downloaded online from pretty much any music source WORLDWIDE! Already selling well in Europe, especially Denmark! Yeah!!

New Record in Progress!!! CSB ROXY MUSIC/Music Shed, NOLA/Ben Lorio 

Ben Lorio & Jerry Pentecost

I am so happy to announce that I officially joined CSB Roxy Music and The Music Shed, New Orleans for a new record this week! So far we have tracked a total of 13 songs with final vocals and my acoustic parts as well as auxiliary instruments left to be finished. 

My Producer, Engineer, and Damn Good Friend, Mr. Ben Lorio and I have put our heads together for about a year getting ready for this, and now that the first round of sessions is done, I'm pretty overwhelmed with joy and relief. Ben has an amazing talent for pulling the sounds out of my head *exactly as I hear them* without compromise for anything. He m
asterfully assembled a stellar like-minded cast of professional studio musicians (multiple-Grammy winners, no less) who really understood where I wanted to go and they took me there. On this record we are enjoying the likes of some fancy new players including Grammy-winning guitarist and producer Shane Theriot on guitars, Baton Rouge boy, tour work-horse and all around fun guy, Myles Weeks on bass (for days!), and Nashville Native and delightful human: Jerry Pentecost on drums. Also featured on the new record are some returning friends that I just couldn't do without. The heartbreaking pedal steel sounds of Paul Buller will be in full force, and of course my friend Mr. Denton Hatcher couldn't get away without singing with me on a song. 

I'm beyond grateful. I'm in a place I've never been… I've been hearing all these specific compositions for songs inside my head for 20+ years, and someone thought enough of my best efforts to describe those sounds so-far that he reached out to help me make my sound design real.  I'm pretty confident that with the release of this new collection, everyone will hear the stories the way I do. And it's so good. So good…..

Here are some quick snaps from the studio this week: 
Shane Theriot- Guitar

Myles Weeks- Basses

Jerry Pentecost- Drums

Paul Buller- Pedal Steel


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